RZR Sway Bars

November 1, 2013
I would love to be capable of writing something as crazy as this film, but hey, there's a reason why we're filmmakers and not authors.  This non-narrative piece challenged us to reach a little deeper than words to communicate Hellwig Products' American-Made traditions and passion for innovative and safe products.  We are always so focused on the story behind the pictures, that being asked to communicate without words forced us out of our comfort zone - but who wants to hang out there anyway? We knew this shoot would be a technical challenge.  Mid-day, not a cloud in the sky, not a speck of shade, let alone an outlet, and, as awesome as dune buggies are, fast moving, unpredictable objects are not something we seek out as an ideal subject.  That said, when Hellwig Products approached us with the need for a product launch film for their newest Sway Bar for the Polaris RZR dune buggy at the upcoming SEMA [...]

Happy Trails Riding Academy

October 14, 2013
Winters are quiet for us.  The world moves a little bit slower.  We wrap our post production from the year's projects and things settle enough for us to catch up on all the projects we having been meaning to get to but have put off for far too long.  Lenses and cameras get sent in for servicing, tripods get repaired, dollies get cleaned, and paperwork finally gets caught up on. Every year, we attempt to enjoy a slower pace, take a break, and maybe even travel for no reason at all.  We do try, but we just get itchy.  It's not long before we find our cameras in our hands on those "for no reason at all" trips, and those "breaks" are suspiciously resembling brainstorm sessions.  It was on one of those "for not reason at all" "breaks" that we made one of the best decisions we've ever made.  We decided that since we view our Winter down time as [...]

RZR Sway Bars Photo Shoot

September 28, 2013
Life is amazing from the still side of the lens, too. Coordinating an accompanying still photography shoot on our film projects is always a rewarding challenge.  In cases of product launches (like this new line of Polaris RZR Sway Bars from Hellwig Products), it's a incredible marketing resource for a client.  We had an amazing time filming a piece for Hellwig to promote their latest line in sway control at the SEMA show in the dunes of central California.  For more on the shoot and to watch the completed film, be sure to check out the blog post Polaris RZR Sway Bars or view the film below : RZR Sway Bar Film Learn more about the shoot on our related film blog RZR Sway Bar Blog Be sure to check out Hellwig Products
Freedom Fertility

Freedom Fertility MedTEACH

September 15, 2013
Needles make me squirm. There. I said it. It's true, though...said every person in the history of the world ever. Which is exactly why we wanted this project. Seems counter-intuitive, I know, but when Freedom Fertilty approached us with the average box that a given soon-to-be mother receives from them we were blown away. It was filled with dreaded pokey things and safety warnings galore. We knew that Freedom Fertility is a company so incredibly dedicated to the comfort and reassurance of their patients, which is why they dedicate so much of their company to teaching their patients how to safely and comfortably administer prescriptions. So many team members at Freedom are dedicated to the single task of assisting with understandably nervous patients. We knew their vision of an efficient, thorough, and easy to navigate administration web portal was both an amazing resource for patients and a delightfully technically challenging project for us. And so it began with the biggest [...]

Hellwig Factory Shoot

September 1, 2013
We are aware that the Hellwig Products is a fully functioning factory, but we like to think of it as one of our favorite studios.  The textures of the dirt, metal, and even flames always blow us away. We always appreciate the guys letting us get in their way.  Even for the "fire stuff" as we eloquently refer to their more dangerous activities. Hellwig makes some amazing products, and we love capturing them as they are being created. Check out Hellwig Products Check out a few other Hellwig Blogs RZR Sway Bar Product Launch Film Hellwig RZR Sway Bar Shoot Photo

some shoots are more colorful than others

August 19, 2013
Our winding conversation journeys came to abrupt halt when we stepped into Clarion Alley.  The bright colors should have been offensive and overwhelming, but the fluid way each individual work of art spilled into the next was somehow forced a harmony of sorts.  Every crowded inch of the alley - from the trash-strewn ground to the rusted fire-escapes - was touched by a creative and colorful hand.  Yet, despite the competition, each piece somehow respected, even complimented one another, as if each was comfortable in whatever size given, and wouldn't dream of being anymore.  I think that's why I'm drawn to street art.  It's one of the few surviving arts that allows the environment to shape it so much. For me, it's just that I can so identify with a project being unpredictably affected.  The most powerful street art I've ever encountered doesn't fight against the environment, it's a celebration of expression freely given, meeting with a mind that simply [...]